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Expertise in Pancreatic Neoplasms: HELP
@ New Haven
Based on 200 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, M W Saif is the top-rated expert in Pancreatic Neoplasms in New Haven.


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US Eastern Zone
New England
New Haven
Yale University
West Haven VA Hospital
Hospital of St Raphael
Miscellaneous institutions in New Haven
Saif, M W
Farrell, J J
Fuchs, C
Kidd, M
Modlin, I
Syngal, Sapna
Risch, H
Zhang, Wei
Bodei, L
Li, Jia
Rustagi, Tarun
Chang, Bryan
Salem, Ronald R
Shaib, Walid
Giovinazzo, F
Lu, Lin
Aslanian, H
Lawrence, Ben
Hochster, H
Fonseca, Ana L
Chen, Yingtai
Schimmack, S
Syrigos, Konstantinos
Cha, Charles
Muzumdar, Mandar Deepak
Lacy, Jill
Jain, Dhanpat
Siddiqui, Uzma D
Strimpakos, Alexios S
Kumar, Sunil
Huang, Huang
Arem, H
Cai, Guoping
Stein, Stefan
Ma, Shuangge
Cong, Xiangyu
Zanini, Sara
Robert, M
Muniraj, T
James, Edward
Cline, Gary
Dimou, Anastasios
Kortmansky, Jeremy
Deng, Yanhong
Gorelick, Fred
Johung, Kimberly
Chung, Chuhan
Kunstman, John W
Padda, Manmeet
Streicher, Samantha A
Mayne, S T
Nagarajan, Arvindhan
Miranker, Andrew D
Hanson, Joshua
Merl, Man
Fournier, John B
Ferrucci, Leah M
Alaimo, Daniele
Lee, Jong Woo
Bussom, Scott
Sun, Lisha
Kuo, Eric
Gandotra, Neeru
Staugaard, Carol
Pongratz, Rebecca L
Rhoades, Elizabeth
--Omitted 124 lower-scoring
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