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Expertise in Parkinson Disease: HELP
@ District of Columbia
Based on 130 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Ted M Dawson is the top-rated expert in Parkinson Disease in the District of Columbia.


Includes continents




Includes US states, etc.




Includes metro areas










US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
District of Columbia
Washington, DC
Miscellaneous cities in District of Columbia
Georgetown University
Howard University
Miscellaneous institutions in Washington, DC
George Washington University
Children's National Medical Center
Smithsonian Institution
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Washington Hospital Center
Dawson, Ted M
Dawson, Valina L
Dobson, Christopher M
Lenka, A
Barreto, George E
Marek, Ken
Scholz, S
Maguire-Zeiss, Kathleen A
Karuppagounder, Senthilkumar
Fiandaca, Massimo S
Vendruscolo, Michele
Federoff, Howard J
Ullman, M
Chen, Li
Shoulson, Ira
Tizabi, Yousef
Li, Xin
Moussa, Charbel
Pagan, F
Sidhu, Anita
Chia, Ruth
Oaks, Adam
Myöhänen, T T
Giordano, James
Avila-Rodriguez, Marco
Béraud, Dawn
Su, Xiao
Wills, Jonathan
Yan, Bo
Johari, Karim
Credle, Joel
Hebron, Michaeline
Li, Bin
Xu, Jinchong
Fowler, Alan J
Govindan, Rathinaswamy B
Possner, Adam
Mhyre, Tim
Lamotte, Guillaume
Haggerty, Thomas
Launer, L
Lonskaya, Irina
Getachew, Bruk
Liu, Xiaoguang
Hawley, Robert G
Duka, Valeriy
Main, Bevan S
Csoka, Antonei B
Ying, Ming
Huang, Liang
Daniele, Stefano G
Bonci, Antonello
Berry, Deborah
Brown, Dwayne
Robledo, Israel
Reifegerste, Jana
Pullman, Mariel
Davenport, Connor
Shi, Wangke
Cannard, Kevin R
Kowal, Stacey L
Fuller, Rebecca L
Altimus, Cara M
Kirilyuk, Alexander
Baydyuk, Maryna
Forcelli, Patrick A
--Omitted 92 lower-scoring
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