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Expertise in Parkinson Disease: HELP
@ Atlanta
Based on 179 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Stewart Factor is the top-rated expert in Parkinson Disease in Atlanta.


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US Eastern Zone
Emory University
Miscellaneous institutions in Atlanta
Georgia Institute of Technology
Centers for Disease Control Atlanta
Georgia State University
American Cancer Society
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Shepherd Center
Factor, Stewart
Tansey, MalĂș G
Smith, Y
DeLong, Mahlon
Miller, Gary
Yang, Qian
Evatt, Marian
Wichmann, T
Juncos, J L
Hackney, Madeleine E
Greene, James G
Caudle, W Michael
Barnum, Christopher J
Bliwise, D L
Zhang, Zhentao
Trotti, Lynn Marie
Nocera, Joe
Gross, Robert
Hu, Xiaoping
Factor, S A
She, Hua
Nahab, Fatta
Singh, Arun
Boulis, Nicholas
Chin, Lih-Shen
Cao, Xuebing
Langley, Jason
Kang, Seong Su
Wingo, Thomas S
McDonald, W M
Goldstein, F C
Huddleston, Daniel E
Vaughan, C P
Ahn, Eun Hee
Gearing, Marla
Scullin, M K
Liu, Xia
Wood-Siverio, C
Taylor, Tonya N
Levey, Allan I
Lohr, Kelly M
Roede, James R
Aliev, Gjumrakch
Jaeger, D
Lah, James J
Alter, Shawn
Jones, Dean P
Iuvone, P Michael
Park, Youngja
Chang, Jian
Weinshenker, David
McCullough, Marjorie L
McKee, Kathleen
Papa, Stella M
Chen, Xiangchuan
Freeman, A
Sha, Di
Sollinger, A B
Steenland, K
Young, Larry J
McKay, J Lucas
Noorian, Ali
Potts, Lisa F
Annerino, Dana M
Rosen, Ami
Joers, Valerie
--Omitted 119 lower-scoring
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