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Expertise in Parkinson Disease: HELP
@ Cambridge, UK
Based on 404 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R A Barker is the top-rated expert in Parkinson Disease in Cambridge$uk.


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United Kingdom
Cambridge, UK
University of Cambridge
Miscellaneous institutions in Cambridge, UK
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Addenbrooke's Hospital
EMBL-EBI Hinxton
Babraham Institute
Papworth Hospital
MRC Epidemiology Unit
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
MRC Human Nutrition Research
Barker, R A
Müller, Thomas
Dobson, Christopher M
Voon, V
Whitworth, A J
Goedert, Michel
O'Brien, J T
Drouin-Ouellet, J
Breen, D P
Rowe, J
Spillantini, M
Williams-Gray, C
Robbins, Trevor W
Rubinsztein, D C
Mason, S
O'Callaghan, C
Nombela, C
Evans, Jonathan
Owen, A M
Chinnery, Patrick
Lee, Ji E
Antoniades, C
Little, M
Hughes, Laura
Cools, R
Kehagia, Angie A
Worth, P
Duce, J A
Vendruscolo, Michele
Mak, Elijah
Galvagnion, Céline
Horrocks, M H
Sahakian, Barbara J
Flagmeier, Patrick
Stott, Simon R
Wei, Wei
Masuda-Suzukake, Masami
Winslow, A R
Buell, Alexander K
Komander, David
Winder-Rhodes, Sophie
Knowles, Tuomas P J
Kuan, Wei Li
Anderson, K E
Rittman, Timothy
Sanchez-Martinez, Alvaro
Buttery, Philip
Hornberger, M
Wegrzynowicz, Michal
Ye, Zheng
Klenerman, D
Fusco, Giuliana
Chen, Serene
Hampshire, A
Su, Li
Ali, Fahad
Randle, Suzanne J
Tosatto, Laura
Fallon, S J
Feldman, Adina L
Ashkenazi, Avraham
Anichtchik, O
Müller, Ulrich
Bender, Andreas
Rae, C L
Ejlerskov, Patrick
--Omitted 364 lower-scoring
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