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Expertise in Parkinson Disease: HELP
@ Montreal
Based on 293 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Postuma is the top-rated expert in Parkinson Disease in Montreal.


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McGill University
Universite de Montreal
Montreal Neurological Institute
Montreal General Hospital
Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal
Miscellaneous institutions in Montreal
CHU Montreal
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Sir Mortimer B Davis Jewish General Hospital
Lady Davis Research Institute
Hopital Notre-Dame
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal
Ecole Polytechnique
Douglas Mental Health University Institute
Hopital Saint-Luc
Montreal Heart Institute
Postuma, R
Huot, Philippe
Goldman, J G
Gagnon, J-F
Fon, E
Song, Wei
Monchi, O
Gan-Or, Z
Montplaisir, Jacques
Dagher, A
Fereshtehnejad, S-M
Duval, Christian
Daneault, Jean-Francois
Zhang, Yu
Panisset, M
Gjedde, A
Luk, Kelvin C
Sadikot, Abbas F
Florin, E
Rouleau, G A
Ulla, M
Trudeau, Louis-Eric
Chouinard, Sylvain
Lafontaine, A
Trempe, Jean-François
Degroot, C
Dion, P
Intzandt, Brittany
Chakravarty, M
MacDonald, P
Mejia-Constain, Béatriz
Zeighami, Y
Hanganu, Alexandru
Pelletier, A
Latreille, Veronique
Carignan, Benoit
He, Qin
Blanchet, Pierre
Roberts, Rosalind F
Bertrand, Josie-Anne
Pell, Marc D
MacDonald, Alex A
Vendette, M
Grenier, K
Monetta, Laura
Schipper, Hyman M
Jubault, Thomas
Van Raamsdonk, Jeremy M
Martinu, K
Li, Rui
Jaywant, Abhishek
Pacelli, Consiglia
Bedetti, Christophe
Ross, Jay P
Paquette, C
Nguyen, Hung
Gomez-Mancilla, Baltazar
Kozlov, Guennadi
Matheoud, Diana
Romenets, S Rios
Collins, D
Anang, Julius
Nagano-Saito, Atsuko
McPherson, Peter S
Dang-Vu, Thien Thanh
Rodrigues Brazète, Jessica
--Omitted 230 lower-scoring
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