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Expertise in Parkinson Disease: HELP
@ New Haven
Based on 104 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, A Siderowf is the top-rated expert in Parkinson Disease in New Haven.


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US Eastern Zone
New England
New Haven
Miscellaneous institutions in New Haven
Yale University
West Haven VA Hospital
Siderowf, A
Stern, M
Marek, K
Louis, E
Jennings, D
Seibyl, J
Schlossmacher, Michael G
Russell, David
Potenza, Marc N
Smith, W
Elsworth, J D
Santpere, Gabriel
Redmond, D E
Hawkins, Keith A
Zhang, Sheng
Tinaz, Sule
Lasch, Shirley
Trexler, Adam J
Wang, Fei
Gracco, Vincent
Chandra, Sreeganga S
Hou, Lin
Robakis, Daphne
Cao, Mian
Wu, Yumei
Wolff, Erin F
Taguchi, Yumiko V
Greten-Harrison, Becket
Mendick, Susan
Li, Chiang-Shan R
McCartney, Amber J
Hui, Ken Y
Sevcsik, Eva
Tamagnan, Gilles
Shalaby, Sherif Y
Machado, Duarte
Wheeler, Heather
Lee, Hochang B
Tagare, Hemant D
Westphal, Christopher H
Rothlin, Carla V
Hannah-Shmouni, Fady
Ducas, Vanessa C
Cho, Judy
Hurley, P J
Barret, Olivier
Mistry, Pramod K
Chelikani, Sudhakar
Middleton, Elizabeth R
Patterson, Victoria L
Zeiss, Caroline J
Saperstein, Lawrence
Kriegel, Christina
Allore, Heather G
Zullo, Alfred J
Morrow, B A
Hasbani, Mayer J
De Camilli, Pietro
Alagille, David
Fulbright, Robert K
--Omitted 45 lower-scoring
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