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Expertise in Prostatic Neoplasms: HELP
@ Nebraska
Based on 157 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Wei Li is the top-rated expert in Prostatic Neoplasms in Nebraska.


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Includes US states, etc.




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US Central Zone
US Mountain Zone
Lincoln, NE
Miscellaneous cities in Nebraska
University of Nebraska System
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Omaha
Creighton University
Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System
Miscellaneous institutions in Lincoln, NE
Li, Wei
Mishra, Mark
Li, Jun
Enke, Charles A
Goodman, Michael
Lin, Ming-Fong
Moses, Kelvin
Teply, B A
Nordquist, L T
Verma, Vivek
Zhang, Lin
Batra, S K
Hemstreet, George P
Lynch, Henry
Miller, Duane D
Hauke, R
Wang, J
Cook, Leah M
Hall, I J
Simone, Charles
Isharwal, Sudhir
Mahato, Ram I
Muniyan, Sakthivel
Ingersoll, Matthew A
Mimeault, M
Miller, Dannah R
Petros, John
Datta, K
Chou, Yu-Wei
Wang, Xiao-Fan
Lin, Feng
LaGrange, Chad
Chen, Hao
Richardson, Lisa C
Ma, Linlin
Cheng, Pi-Wan
Katoch, Parul
Johansson, S L
Wen, Di
Veeramani, Suresh
Lin, Fen-Fen
Karpf, Adam R
Tu, Yaping
Xie, Yan
Mehta, Parmender P
Levine, Paul H
Simpson, Melanie A
Pandey, P
Qiu, Fan
Ray, Anuttoma
Kosoko-Lasaki, Omofolasade
Pooli, Aydin
Oberley-Deegan, Rebecca E
Wei, Qin
Seshacharyulu, P
Kelsey, Linda
Leslie, Stephen W
Rachagani, S
McAtee, Caitlin O
Stauffer, Seth
Yu, Fang
Chen, Xingcheng
Kumar, Santosh
Rendell, Marc
Peng, Yang
Rim, Sun Hee
--Omitted 168 lower-scoring
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