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Expertise in Prostatic Neoplasms: HELP
@ Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom
Based on 338 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P Hoskin is the top-rated expert in Prostatic Neoplasms in Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom.


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United Kingdom
Miscellaneous cities in United Kingdom
Hoskin, P
Clarke, N
Howard, L
Montgomery, B
Syndikus, I
Padhani, A
Ostler, P
Kirkbride, P
Laing, R
Alonzi, R
Malik, Zafar
Graham, J
Rojas, A
Hughes, Rob
Langley, S
Hindley, R
Desai, M M
Banks, Ian
Lowe, Gerry
Patel, Hiten R H
Eden, C
Gallagher, D
Bownes, P
Hori, Satoshi
McNicholas, Tom
Patel, Amit
Casey, R G
Vasdev, N
Bryant, Linda
Bott, S
Pal, Raj
Patrick, Alan
Mason, Josh
Goonewardene, S
Simms, M
Naidoo, S
Philippou, Yiannis
Ismail, Mohamed
Mann, V M
Lloyd, A
Parr, N
Barber, N J
Mastris, K
Uribe, J
Panades, Miguel
Matheson, David
Kirby, Mike
Wyllie, M
Sundaram, Subramanian K
Hussein, A
Ots, A
Money-Kyrle, J
Wadhwa, V
Ayres, B E
Uribe-Lewis, S
Aird, Edwin G
Henderson, Alastair
Rai, B
Adshead, Jim
Robinson, Simon
McKeown, S R
Ng, Q-S
Nahum, A
South, Chris
Bidaut, Luc
Michels, J
--Omitted 307 lower-scoring
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