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Expertise in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: HELP
@ University of Oklahoma
Based on 64 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Betty Pfefferbaum is the top-rated expert in Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic at the University of Oklahoma.


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US Central Zone
Oklahoma City
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City VA Medical Center
Pfefferbaum, Betty
Tucker, Phebe
NitiƩma, Pascal
Sherman, Michelle
Jeon-Slaughter, Haekyung
Zhang, Yong
Jackson, Tom
Jacobs, Anne
Pfefferbaum, Rose L
Noffsinger, Mary A
Taubman, Kevin
Larsen, Jessica
Tackett, Alayna P
Bodurka, Jerzy
Khan, Qaiser
Standifer, K M
Zhang, Y
Narayanan, Pushpa
Khorgami, Zhamak
Hanas, Jay S
Risch, Elizabeth
Hocker, James R S
Bowling, Ursula
Townsend, Bradford
Reyes, Kristy J
Lerner, Megan R
Varma, Vandana
Bernstein, Melissa
Mayes, Sunnye
Couch, James R
BigFoot, Dolores Subia
McWhirter, Paula T
Holster, Jessica L
Wilson, Janet Sullivan
Tassey, John
Bohora, Som
Chan, Kam Wai Clifford
Walling, Erin E
Allen, James R
Sorocco, Kristen H
Silovsky, Jane F
McNall-Knapp, Rene
Allen, Sandra F
Bratkovich, Kristi L
Zhou, Cici
Hammond, Donna R
Sweeton, Jennifer L
Whittlesey, Suzanne W
Frimberger, Dominic
Kropp, Bradley
Linck, John
Vinekar, Shreekumar S
Feng, Yan
Sparks, Terry
Palmer, Blake
Nelson, Peter
Zhao, Yan D
Johnston, Sarah E
Farooqui, Mudassir
Wisniewski, Amy B
Yuan, Han
McNall, Rene
Mistry, Amit
Schalo, Ian
Durand, Cindy
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