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Expertise in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: HELP
@ US Navy
Based on 74 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Cynthia LeardMann is the top-rated expert in Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic at US Navy.


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US Federal Service
US Military
US Navy
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
National Naval Medical Center
Naval Hospital Okinawa
LeardMann, Cynthia
Jacobson, I
Crum-Cianflone, Nancy F
McLay, Robert N
Highfill-McRoy, Robyn
Galarneau, Michael
Wells, Timothy S
Webb-Murphy, Jennifer
Thomsen, Cynthia J
Belsher, Bradley
Macgregor, Andrew J
Hanling, Steven
Hickey, Anita
Capaldi, Vincent F
Macera, Caroline A
Stander, Valerie A
Melcer, Ted
Horton, Jaime
Booth-Kewley, Stephanie
Schmied, Emily
Walker, Jay
Bailie, Jason
McLay, Robert
Dye, Judy L
Bhatnagar, Vibha
Han, Peggy
Adam, Octavian R
Klam, Warren
Richard, Erin
Granado, Nisara S
Millegan, Jeffrey
Harris, E
Phillips, Christopher J
Baird, Alicia
Loeffler, George
Rivet, Dennis J
Padilla, Genieleah A
Mayo, Jonathan A
Clouser, Mary C
Taylor, Marcus K
Woodruff, Susan I
Lenart, Mark J
McCabe, Cameron T
Miletich, Derek
Deal, William
Walker, Peter
Drastal, Carol A
Andrews, James A
Coller, Rachael
Lanouette, Nicole
King, Heather C
Campbell, Justin S
Harbertson, Judith
Sack, Daniel
Heltemes, Kevin J
Seda, Gilbert
Tran, Lily
Anson, Heather
Scully, Stephenie
Eskridge, Susan L
Michael Hunt, W
Deford, Nicole
Parnell, Denise
Spence, Dennis L
Luu, Bethi N
Cazares, Paulette
--Omitted 12 lower-scoring
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