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Expertise in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: HELP
@ Buffalo
Based on 93 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Ali A El-Solh is the top-rated expert in Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic in Buffalo.


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US Eastern Zone
New York
SUNY Buffalo
Buffalo VA Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Buffalo
Buffalo State College
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
El-Solh, Ali A
Clapp, Joshua D
Read, Jennifer P
Naragon-Gainey, Kristin
Stasiewicz, Paul R
Homish, Gregory G
Violanti, John
Simms, Leonard J
Bachrach, Rachel L
Wardell, Jeffrey D
King, Paul R
Colder, Craig
Blayney, Jessica
Donnelly, Kerry
Butler, Lisa D
Radomski, Sharon
Homish, D Lynn
Beehler, Gregory P
Griffin, Melissa J
Hoopsick, Rachel A
Poulin, Michael J
Vermont, Leah
Porhomayon, Jahan
Donnelly, James P
Shucard, Janet L
Kufel, Thomas
Sonino, Nicoletta
Liu, Na
Yufik, Tom
Wang, Jianmin
Heavey, Sarah Cercone
Bone, Lawrence B
Nader, Nader D
Riaz, Usman
Adamo, David
Volpe, Ellen M
Crane, Cory A
Jenzer, Tiffany
Roberts, Jasmine
Zelazny, Kerry
Carello, Janice
Benson, Katelyn R
Alt, Michelle
Xie, Xueyi
Mazzotta, Catherine M
Giarratano, Paulette
Rodriguez, Lauren
Covey, Thomas J
Gass, Julie
Adlparvar, Ghazaleh
Jaoude, Philippe
Gabriel, Shira
Fried, Allyson
Prince, Mark A
Cercone, Sarah A
Ditursi, Guy
Clay, Lauren A
Xu, Ying
Nochajski, Thomas H
Li, Zhi
Dunn, Andrew S
Lazarus, John
Yang, Mingxin
Rao, Nithin
Greenfield, Saul
Umholtz, Matthew
--Omitted 31 lower-scoring
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