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Expertise in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders: HELP
@ Miscellaneous cities in Texas
Based on 120 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Ateka Contractor is the top-rated expert in Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic in Miscellaneous cities in Texas.


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US Central Zone
Miscellaneous cities in Texas
Contractor, Ateka
Vujanovic, Anka
Meyer, Eric C
Peterson, Alan L
Morissette, Sandra
Powers, Mark B
DeBeer, Bryann B
Gallagher, Matthew W
Creech, Suzannah
Mysliwiec, Vincent
Yarvis, Jeffrey
Reddy, M K
Boals, A
Conard, Patricia
McFarlane, Judith
Finley, E
Blumenthal, Heidemarie
Ruggero, Camilo
Charak, Ruby
Ross, Colin
Symes, Lene
Maddoux, John
Taylor, Daniel J
Copeland, Laurel A
Garcia, Hector
Viana, Andres G
Pugh, M J
Brock, Matthew S
Caldas, Stephanie
Kearns, Nathan
Benzer, Justin K
Trost, Z
Stock, Eileen M
Dolan, Megan
Borah, Adam M
Noël, Polly H
Fredland, Nina
Callahan, Jennifer L
Zeber, John E
Schuler, Keke
Paulson, Rene
Domino, Jessica L
Scott-Tilley, Donna
Tsan, Jack Y
Robinson, P
Sullivan, Erin
Farnsworth, Jacob K
Haro, Elizabeth
Dowben, Jonathan S
Holtz, Pamela
Rogers, Richard
MacCarthy, Andrea A
Keegan, Fallon
Wooley, Chelsea N
De Nadai, Alessandro S
Mata-Galan, Emma
Hovey, Joseph D
Pugh, Jacqueline A
Rentz, Timothy O
Little, Tara B
Riggs, Shelley A
Gerber, Monica M
Nowlin, L
Meyer, Eric
Litvin, Justin M
Li, Ruosha
--Omitted 38 lower-scoring
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