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Expertise in Renal Insufficiency: HELP
@ Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust
Based on 179 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, D J Goldsmith is the top-rated expert in Renal Insufficiency at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust.


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United Kingdom
London, EN
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust
St. Thomas' Hospital
Guy's Hospital
Goldsmith, D J
Ostermann, M
Sinha, M D
Bramham, Kate
Pruthi, Rishi
Mamode, Nizam
Hilton, R
O'Donnell, P
Ting, S M
Koffman, G
Milburn, Heather
Waller, Simon
Raimundo, M
Game, D
Horsfield, C
Murphy, Emma
Olsburgh, Jonathon
Kim, Jon Jin
Hampson, G
Patel, P
Varrier, Matt
Burnapp, Lisa
Chandak, Pankaj
Lord, G M
Simpson, John
Lei, Katie
Olsburgh, J
Dickie, Helen
Syed, Yadullah
Booth, Caroline
Fisher, Richard
Cronin, A J
Hajhosseiny, R
Shaw, Olivia
Keehn, Louise
Gibson, Terence
Lee, Jasmine
Clough, R E
Reid, Christopher J D
Katsanos, Konstantinos
Banga, N
Treacher, David
Chowdhury, Paramit
Tovey, Linda
Nelson-Piercy, Catherine
Reid, Christopher
Fountoulakis, N
Wyncoll, Duncan
Bagul, A
Sofroniadou, Sofia
Smith, John
Riding, Alex
Thomas, S
Beale, Richard
Haines, Ryan
Powell-Tuck, Jonah
Cawley, Oliver
Scully, P
Sofocleous, Paula
Wilson, Jessica
Martin, Jonathan R
Killian, Lucy
Dunn, J
Wiles, Kate S
Karalliedde, J
Camporota, Luigi
--Omitted 38 lower-scoring
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