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Expertise in Rheumatoid Arthritis: HELP
@ Unspecified
Based on 914 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, T W Huizinga is the top-rated expert in Arthritis, Rheumatoid in Unspecified.


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Huizinga, T W
Tanaka, Yoshiya
McInnes, I
Schett, G
Takeuchi, Tsutomu
van der Heijde, D
Boers, M
Nurmohamed, M
Isaacs, J
Weinblatt, M
Dougados, M
Dijkmans, B
Bootsma, H
Lems, W F
Symmons, D
Mikuls, T
Matteson, E
Vissink, A
Fautrel, B
Hetland, M L
Rubbert-Roth, A
Gossec, L
van der Helm-Van Mil, Annette H M
Hyrich, K
Gottenberg, J-E
Finckh, A
Christensen, R
Dixon, W
Gabay, C
Pope, J
Kirwan, J
Crowson, C S
Peters, Mike
Sibilia, J
Giacomelli, R
Cipriani, P
Buckley, C
Kochi, Y
Baldini, C
Ng, W-F
Carubbi, F
Karlson, E
Sanmartí, R
Kawakami, A
Li, Z G
Ruscitti, P
Den Broeder, A
Harigai, Masayoshi
Rech, J
Kaneko, Yuko
Bombardieri, Stefano
Hazes, Johanna M W
Sumida, T
Pan, H-F
Brito-Zerón, P
Michaud, K
Ramiro, Sofia
Benucci, M
Cañete, J D
Nakamura, Hideki
Baker, J
Fransen, J
Rigby, W
Hewlett, S
Dessein, P
Lafeber, F P J G
--Omitted 2,149 lower-scoring
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