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Expertise in Rheumatoid Arthritis: HELP
@ University of British Columbia
Based on 105 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, B P Haraoui is the top-rated expert in Arthritis, Rheumatoid at the University of British Columbia.


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British Columbia
University of British Columbia
St. Paul's Hospital
Vancouver General Hospital
Haraoui, B P
Bansback, N
Zhang, Wei
Anis, Aslam
Marra, Carlo
Harrison, M J
Choi, Hyon
Lacaille, Diane
Li, L C
De Vera, Mary A
Shojania, Kam
AviƱa-Zubieta, J Antonio
Rai, Sharan K
Jamal, Shahin
Townsend, A
Sayre, Eric C
Esdaile, John M
McCourt, Collette
DeLongis, Anita
Dutz, Jan
Kopec, Jacek
Fisher, Anat
Backman, Catherine L
Bassett, Ken
Galo, Jessica S
Penner, Murray J
Tsao, Nicole
Huang, Kun
Wright, James M
Younger, Alastair S E
Zhou, Youwen
Yu, Wayne
Lam, Mark
Mehat, Pavandeep
Bodnar, Tamara S
Feehan, Lynne
Dormuth, Colin R
Weinberg, Joanne
Taves, Matthew D
McGeer, Patrick L
Avina-Zubieta, Antonio
Li, L L
Rahman, Wael A
McKay, Heather
Lee, Moonhee
Hill, Lesley A
Schmidt, Timothy J
Beauchemin, Philippe
Zhang, Xingqi
McGeer, Edith G
Kur, Jason
Soma, Kiran K
Beggs, R Thomas
Carruthers, Robert
Crome, S Q
Kaal, K Julia
Holtzman, Susan
Wing, Kevin J
Stanely, Dana
Mostafavi, Sara
Dean, Elizabeth
Campbell, Natasha K J
Freeman, Hugh
Hammond, Geoffrey L
Qiu, Qi
Julia Kaal, K
--Omitted 31 lower-scoring
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