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Expertise in Rheumatoid Arthritis: HELP
@ Utah
Based on 100 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Stanley Cohen is the top-rated expert in Arthritis, Rheumatoid in Utah.


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US Mountain Zone
Salt Lake City
Miscellaneous cities in Utah
University of Utah
Brigham Young University
Miscellaneous institutions in Salt Lake City
Cohen, Stanley
Cannon, G
Bensen, William
Reimold, A
Sauer, Brian
Tanner, Kristine
Merrill, Ray M
Adachi, J D
Roy, Nelson
Baker, O J
Miller, Karla L
Teng, Chia Chen
Bramwell, Kenneth K C
Ma, Ying
Flynn, Ann D
Zhou, Delu
Kendall, Katherine
Etzel, C J
Zimmerman, Guy A
Weis, John H
Walsh, J A
Wade, S W
Leigh, N J
Nelson, J W
Pierce, Jenny L
Balasubramanian, A
Mellas, R E
Ravindra, Vijay M
Kunkel, Gary
DuVall, S
Lu, Chao
Gililland, Jeremy
Weis, Janis J
Schmidt, Meic H
Ivčević, Sanja
Copple, Susan S
Bisson, Erica F
Lau, Arthur
Clegg, Daniel O
Dailey, Andrew T
Flake, Darl D
Wang, Ching-Shuen
Solow, E B
Oderda, Gary M
Nissen, Shawn L
Maruyama, Christina L
Smith, Timothy W
Lochhead, Robert B
Wright, Charisse
Heller, Amanda
Paquette, Jackie K
Lee, William M
Dean, Spencer
Burningham, Zachary
Pannacciulli, Nicola
Jaskowski, Troy D
Srungaram, Praveen
Bohnsack, J F
Lin, C J F
Tsuha, Sanefumi
Fairhurst, Anna-Marie
Haroldsen, Candace
Trump, Bryan G
Morco, Stephanie
Rule, Jody A
Nam, Kihoon
--Omitted 64 lower-scoring
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