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Expertise in Sleep Apnea Syndromes: HELP
@ New Zealand
Based on 65 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, J Bakker is the top-rated expert in Sleep Apnea Syndromes in New Zealand.


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New Zealand
Miscellaneous cities in New Zealand
University of Otago
University of Otago Dunedin
University of Otago Wellington
Miscellaneous institutions in Auckland
University of Auckland
Miscellaneous institutions in Christchurch
University of Otago Christchurch
Miscellaneous institutions in Dunedin
Wellington School of Medicine
Auckland City Hospital
Christchurch Hospital
Auckland University of Technology
Tauranga Hospital
Miscellaneous institutions in Wellington
Massey University Wellington
Capital and Coast District Health Board
Medical Research Institute of New Zealand
Bakker, J
Galland, Barbara
Neill, A
Ward, Kim
Dawes, Patrick
Edwards, Elizabeth
Campbell, A
Johnston, James
Twiss, Jacob
Lucas, Sam
Schaughency, Elizabeth
Mihaere, Kara
Richards, A Mark
Hlavac, Michael
Gander, Philippa
Thomas, Kate
Chang, Catherina L
Peebles, Karen
Kelly, Paul T
Elder, Dawn
Gray, Andrew
Hoare, Karen
Gott, Merryn
McLeod, Geraldine
Al-Jumaily, Ahmed M
Ashaat, Sherif
McIntosh, Christine G
Baddock, Sally A
O'Keeffe, Karyn M
Ferrier, K
Wijesinghe, Meme
Brockway, Ben
Firestone, Ridvan T
Tan, Evan
Innes, Carrie R H
Williams, Mathew
Lucas, Rebekah A I
Smith, Laurelle A
Greig, S R
Perrin, Kyle
Donnelly, Joseph
McDowall, Philippa S
Mahadevan, Murali
Garnock-Jones, Karly P
Singhal, Raj
Weatherall, Mark
Douglas, Richard G
Short, Timothy G
Melzer, Tracy R
Idris, Ghassan
Beasley, Richard
Frampton, Chris
Jones, Richard D
Mitchell, Edwin A
Bradley, Justine
Walker, Jacqueline
Hack, Henrik
Graham, Neil
Ball, Emma
Robertson, Christopher John
Luo, Rebekah
Choi, J E
Hoggard, Michael
McLaren, Holly
Waddell, J N
Anthony, Angelo
--Omitted 38 lower-scoring
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