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Expertise in Sleep Apnea Syndromes: HELP
@ University of Adelaide
Based on 89 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Dominik Linz is the top-rated expert in Sleep Apnea Syndromes at the University of Adelaide.


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University of Adelaide
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Adelaide
Linz, Dominik
Sanders, Prashanthan
Catcheside, Peter
Vakulin, Andrew
Wittert, G
Kohler, M J
Martin, James
Adams, Robert
Lau, Dennis H
Baumert, Mathias
Kennedy, Declan
Appleton, Sarah
Immanuel, Sarah
Palmer, Lyle
Deacon, Naomi
Taylor, Anne
Martin, Sean
Martin, A
Kennedy, J D
Saint, David
van den Heuvel, Cameron
Mahajan, Rajiv
Vincent, Andrew
Pathak, Rajeev K
Myles, Hannah
Lang, Carol
Dimitri, Hany
Tai, Andrew
Thornton, Andrew
Kabir, Muammar
Liu, Xiao
Somogyi, Andrew A
Kontos, Anna
Liu, Dennis
Davies, M J
Nalliah, Chrishan
Middeldorp, Melissa E
Grant, Janet F
Hendriks, Jeroen M L
Katyal, Vandana
Mishima, Ricardo Sadashi
Shi, Zumin
Gill, Tiffany
Piteo, A M
Li, J J
Galletly, Cherrie
Dreyer, Craig
Ruffin, Richard
Twomey, Darragh
Sampson, Wayne
Willoughby, Scott
Alasady, Muayad
Moran, L J
Opie, George M
Coussens, Scott
El-Hamad, Fatima
Cao, Yingting
Hanley, Lorraine
March, W A
Wormald, Peter
Kao, Stephen S
Mah, P M
Whitrow, M J
Peters, Micah D J
Smith, Janet H
Giles, L C
--Omitted 26 lower-scoring
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