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Expertise in Sleep Apnea Syndromes: HELP
@ University of Sydney
Based on 250 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, R Grunstein is the top-rated expert in Sleep Apnea Syndromes at the University of Sydney.


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University of Sydney
Royal North Shore Hospital
Westmead Millennium Institute
Grunstein, R
Cistulli, P
Yee, B
Phillips, Craig L
Antic, Nick
Piper, Amanda
Marshall, N
Sutherland, K
Waters, Karen
Wang, David
Wong, K K
Vakulin, Andrew
Hoyos, C M
MacLean, J E
Lee, R W W
Liu, P Y
Burgess, Keith R
Bartlett, Delwyn
Cheng, A
Darendeliler, M A
Chan, A S L
Fitzgerald, D A
Anderson, Vicki
Anderson, Craig
Sullivan, C
D'Rozario, Angela
Marks, Guy B
Wilcox, Ian
Amatoury, Jason
Wheatley, John
Cross, Nathan
Ngiam, J
de Chazal, Philip
Crawford, Megan
Melehan, K L
Celermajer, David
Williams, Shaun C
Heeley, Emma
Rowsell, Luke
Stevenson, Mark
Neal, Bruce
Srinivasan, V
Dungan, George
Wimms, Alison
Kim, JongWon
Hollier, Carly A
Fraser, Clare L
Espie, Colin A
Chapman, Julia L
Wong, Keith
Amis, Terence
Henderson, Luke A
Harmer, Alison R
Kairaitis, Kristina
McEwen, Bradley J
Killick, Roo
Serinel, Yasmina
Edwards, Kate M
Kim, J W
Dalci, Oyku
Norman, M B
Ma, Serina
Nguyen, Chinh D
Lewis, Simon J G
Sivam, Sheila
Duffy, Shantel L
--Omitted 95 lower-scoring
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