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Expertise in Sleep Apnea Syndromes: HELP
@ District of Columbia
Based on 99 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, David Kristo is the top-rated expert in Sleep Apnea Syndromes in the District of Columbia.


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US Eastern Zone
US Mid-Atlantic
District of Columbia
Washington, DC
George Washington University
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Miscellaneous institutions in Washington, DC
Georgetown University
Howard University
Children's National Medical Center
Washington Hospital Center
Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Kristo, David
Lettieri, Christopher
Brietzke, Scott E
Olafiranye, Oladipupo
Owens, Judith
Holley, Aaron
Resnick, Helaine
Collen, Jacob
Dergacheva, Olga
Eliasson, Arn
Hunt, Carl E
Sadeghi, Nader
Mendelowitz, David
Dyavanapalli, Jhansi
Tanna, Neil
Andrada, Teotimo
Wang, Xin
Jain, Vivek
Pratt-Chapman, Mandi L
Williams, Scott G
Motamedi, Gholam K
Sheikh, Karen L
Greenburg, David
Carter, Kevin
Mehari, Alem
Orr, Nicholas
Rich, Jeremy
Whitesell, P L
Walls, Andrew
Posnick, Jeffrey C
Kimbro, Shawn
Doumas, Michael
Guerrero, Melanie
Amdur, Adam
Choi, Elbert
Kashani, Mariam
Jain, Arad
Senchak, Andrew J
Teixeira, Jeffrey
McKay, Mary Pat
Jameson, Heather
Kasza, Jason
Koeck, Emily S
Kilbourne, Amy M
Simonelli, Guido
Huseni, Shehlanoor
Piñol, Ramón A
Marbach, Joseph
Sun, Xiumei
Spiegelman, Andrew
Weigand, Letitia A
Qureshi, F G
Capaldi, Vincent F
Szuhay, Gabor
Hostler, Jordanna M
Herzstein, Jessica
Harley, Earl H
Kureshi, Suraiya A
Smith, Patrick R
Plunkett, Anthony R
--Omitted 62 lower-scoring
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