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Expertise in Sleep Apnea Syndromes: HELP
@ Lousiana
Based on 48 articles published since 2007
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Lourdes DelRosso is the top-rated expert in Sleep Apnea Syndromes in Lousiana.


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US Central Zone
New Orleans
Baton Rouge
Miscellaneous cities in Lousiana
Louisiana State University New Orleans
Louisiana State University Shreveport
Ochsner Medical Institutions
Tulane University
Miscellaneous institutions in Shreveport
Miscellaneous institutions in New Orleans
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Shreveport Brooks VA Hospital
DelRosso, Lourdes
Hoque, Romy
Chesson, Andrew
LaMonte, Samuel J
Gaddam, K
McCarty, David E
Lysenko, Liudmila
Pan, Weihong
Jeyakumar, Anita
Gonzalez-Toledo, Eduardo
Kastin, Abba J
Wang, Lei
Liendo, C├ęsar
Kim, Paul Y
Gungor, Anil
Vlasic, Vukmir
Bazzano, L A
Marino, Andrew A
Frilot, Clifton
Harper, Michael B
Rodriguez, Kimsey H
Shuaib, Stefan W
Menezes, Arthur R
Sankararaman, Senthilkumar
Tate, Jody H
Nelson, Ryan
Rubens, Sonia L
Todd, Cameron A
Dalal, Ashtaad
Bareiss, Anna K
Carpenter, Janette M
Crosby, Tyler
Weinstein, Jacqueline E
Owen, Jonathan
Hinds, Esther
McCoul, Edward D
Cheema, Mohammed
Uysal, Askin
Chen, W
Nathan, Cherie-Ann
Jain, Sushil K
Jiang, Ru
Phillips, Jeff
Lawlor, Claire M
Sara, Samreena
Carbo, Alberto
Wu, Eric L
Colquitt, Tom
Chernyshev, Oleg
Babcock, Kelley
Nutakki, Swathi
Smart, Suzanne E
Levitzky, Michael G
McDuffie, Chad
Warrier, Raj
Palacios, Enrique
Klasser, G D
Ryan, Donna H
Yockey, Sarah Ryan
Carter, John
--Omitted 8 lower-scoring
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