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Expertise in Ulcerative Colitis: HELP
@ West Midlands
Based on 61 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, Subrata Ghosh is the top-rated expert in Colitis, Ulcerative in West Midlands.


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United Kingdom
West Midlands
Birmingham, UK
University of Birmingham
University of Warwick
University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Miscellaneous institutions in Birmingham, UK
Miscellaneous institutions in Coventry
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Miscellaneous institutions in Wolverhampton
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
City Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham Women's Hospital
Ghosh, Subrata
Arasaradnam, R
Iacucci, M
Nwokolo, C
Covington, J
Trivedi, P J
Iqbal, T
Pinkney, T
Hirschfield, G M
Cooney, R
Quraishi, Mohammed N
Ahmed, S
Siau, Keith
Morton, Dion G
Beggs, Andrew D
Bryan, S
Hyde, C
Ward, S T
Bhala, Neeraj
Jia, Wenjing
James, Jonathan
Muhammed, Rafeeq
Nightingale, Peter
Caldwell, Germaine
Adams, David H
Gould, Nicholas J
Dilworth, Mark P
Steed, H
Parker, Ben
Pagkalos, Joseph
Wicaksono, Alfian N
Reece, J
Stone, H
Taniere, Phillipe
O'Connell, Nicola
Smith, Matthew R
Lugg, Sebastian
Laing, R W
Pye, A
Savage, Richard
Hodson, James
Goswami, K
Whitehead, Simon John
Beal, Felicity
Reed, Michelle Ac
Cooper, Sheldon C
Mytton, J
Stockley, R A
Slaney, E
Da-Silva, Nancy
Fogden, E
Naumann, D N
Mehta, Samir
Prout, Toby
Ford, Clare
Soundy, Andrew
Atkins, Karen
Liaskou, Evaggelia
McFarlane, Michael
Boulton, Ralph A
Emmett, Ruth A
Karandikar, S
Gama, Rousseau Mariano
Pathmakanthan, Shri
Deeks, Jonathan J
Matthews, Glenn
--Omitted 57 lower-scoring
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