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Expertise in Ulcerative Colitis: HELP
@ Montreal
Based on 72 articles published since 2009
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, P L Lakatos is the top-rated expert in Colitis, Ulcerative in Montreal.


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McGill University
Universite de Montreal
Montreal Heart Institute
Sir Mortimer B Davis Jewish General Hospital
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal
CHU Montreal
Miscellaneous institutions in Montreal
Montreal General Hospital
Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal
CHU Sainte Justine
Lady Davis Research Institute
Hotel-Dieu de Montreal
Lakatos, P L
Bitton, A
Kopylov, U
Bessissow, T
Goyette, P
Rioux, J
Boucher, G
Seidman, E
Glas, J
Afif, Waqqas
Vutcovici, Maria
Brassard, Paul
Battat, Robert
Boutros, Marylise
Côté-Daigneault, Justin
Girardin, Marc
Chapuy, Laurence
Bsat, Marwa
Beaudoin, Mélissa
Sewitch, Maida
Soucy, Geneviève
Rubio, Manuel
Jack, Carolyn
Behr, Marcel A
Nedjar, Hacene
Mehta, Heena
Baba, Nobuyasu
El Helou, Therese
Rahme, Elham
Zaid, Y
Deslandres, Colette
Panzini, Benoit
Amrom, Dina
Wassef, Ramses
Reinglas, Jason
Szilagyi, Andrew
Joseph, Joseph A
Richard, Carole
Gordon, P
Willot, S
Villani, Alexandra-Chloé
Labbé, Alain
Ganopolsky, Jorge G
Van, Vu Quang
Xu, Jinke
Labbé, Catherine
Abou Khalil, Maria
Chao, C-Y
Martoni, Christopher J
Righini Grunder, Franziska
Al Khoury, A
Tam, Mifong
Ducharme-Bénard, Stéphanie
Tremblay, Lydjie
Beauchemin, Catherine
Cheong, Cheolho
Barkun, Alan
Di Fabio, F
Prakash, Satya
Sarfati, Marika
Andermann, Frederick
Samaei, Sepideh
Yancu, Debbie
Jones, Mitchell L
Lachaine, Jean
Yun, Tae Jin
--Omitted 33 lower-scoring
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