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Expertise in Ulcerative Colitis: HELP
@ San Diego
Based on 121 articles published since 2008
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, William Sandborn is the top-rated expert in Colitis, Ulcerative in San Diego.


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US Pacific Zone
San Diego
University of California San Diego
Miscellaneous institutions in San Diego
San Diego VA Hospital
Naval Medical Center San Diego
Scripps Clinic and Research Institute
Rady Children's Hospital
Kaiser San Diego
Sandborn, William
Vande Casteele, N
Levesque, B G
Fumery, M
Sandborn, W J
Ordás, I
Bouguen, G
Konijeti, Gauree
Eckmann, L
Singh, Siddharth
Dulai, P
Yarur, A
Bosworth, Brian
Grivennikov, Sergei
Pola, S
Singh, S
Aranda, Richard
Nelson, Sigrid
Smith, Heather
Shums, Zakera
Olson, A
Norman, Gary L
Ballard, E
Cravets, Matthew
Till, Andreas
Frohna, Paul A
Singh, Sharat
Boland, C R
Wang, Yunpeng
Boland, B S
Brandl, Katharina
Sedwick, Caitlin
Ramamoorthy, Sonia
Bagin, R
Gupta, Samir
Fahmy, Marianne
Mahler, Michael
Egea, Laia
van Erp, S J H
Behling, Cynthia
McLemore, Elisabeth
Huang, Michael
Jain, Anjali
Chatzaki, Ekaterini
Lacey, Brent W
Desikan, Rahul S
Gautille, Theres
Emge, Jacob R
Ahlem, C
Huynh, Kevin
Knight, Rob
Akrami, Kevan
Thompson, Wesley K
Chandradas, Sajiv
Yeung, Phil
Farh, Kyle Kai-How
Reardon, Colin
Valasek, Mark A
Bernick, Steven J
Barrett, Kim E
--Omitted 19 lower-scoring
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