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Expertise in Ulcerative Colitis: HELP
@ Seattle
Based on 77 articles published since 2010
In each column, black bars show the relative amount of expertise for each place or person. Longer is better. For example, S V Kane is the top-rated expert in Colitis, Ulcerative in Seattle.


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US Pacific Zone
University of Washington
Seattle Children's Hospital
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Benaroya Research Institute
Miscellaneous institutions in Seattle
Swedish Medical Center Seattle
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
Puget Sound VA System
Novo Nordisk Seattle
Kane, S V
Fichera, A
Pekow, J
Brentnall, Teresa A
Gong, Jian
Afzali, Anita
Suskind, David
Lee, Dale
Wahbeh, Ghassan
Lord, James
Risques, Rosa Ana
Bronner, Mary
Lai, Lisa A
Chen, Ru
Chiorean, Michael
Zisman, Timothy L
Rabinovitch, Peter S
Lee, Scott D
Ko, Cynthia
Braly, Kim
Westerhoff, Maria
Kim, Sandra
Damman, Christopher J
Crispin, David
Shaffer, Michele
Brittnacher, Mitchell J
Ussakli, Cigdem
Salk, Jesse J
Boden, Elisa K
Emond, Mary J
Baker, Kathy
Hayden, Hillary S
Pan, Sheng
Kowdley, Kris V
Brynjólfsson, S F
Nielson, Heather
Radey, Matthew
Klein, Jani
Giefer, Matthew
Hager, Kyle R
Miller, Samuel I
Marquis, Sara R
Choi, Won-Tak
Harper, Jason W
Jacobs, Jeffrey
Lai, Keith
Kamp, Kendra
Hu, Jie Kate
May, D
Kaz, Andrew M
Ahmed Ali, Usama
Fausel, Rebecca
Kronman, Matthew P
Kennedy, Sally
Dey, Neelendu
Nachmanson, Daniela
Small, Thomas
Kumar, Shilpa
Köck, Kathleen
Nelson, Ryan
Pan, Wei-Jian
Pacheco, M Cristina
Hamm, David
Rees, William A
Currie, Kevin S
Doyle, Sean E
--Omitted 48 lower-scoring
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