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Recognition Program: For Institutions HELP
There is no better way to communicate the excellence of your institution (or department) than to communicate the excellence of your people... with Expertscape recognition badges.
We offer several programs to help you.
Program #1: Who Are Your Experts?

Even the most savvy hospital marketer or department chairperson cannot know all the areas in which their people excel.

But Expertscape can show you.

See this sample report for Orebro University:

Reports also include .xls file, to use in Microsoft Excel.

Our reports, covering more than 2000 institutions from New York City to Malawi, can show you the diamonds you may have overlooked.

Program #2: Personal-Badge Licenses in Bulk

Once you've identified your in-house experts, tell the world by showing Expertscape badges on all of your web properties.

  • Your institutional web page,
  • On departmental pages,
  • On each expert's individual web page.
Welcome to our Cardiology Division
Our clinicians and scientists are world class. Like these ...

To maximize impact per square inch of page-space, we can create custom combined badges, as for Dr. Delta above.

Your experts also receive corresponding graphical tiles, perfect for their email signature blocks: All are available for immediate delivery.

Program #3: Institutional Badge Licenses

Departments, hospitals, and health systems can extend their communication of expertise with institutional badges.

Welcome to XYZ University

This type of recognition is especially valuable for institutions that have built world-caliber programs that remain unheralded in coarse ranking systems that are unable to detect specific areas of excellence.

Program #4: Badge Subscriptions

With a subscription, keeping your experts' badges up-to-date is effortless.

For each badge, we provide you a fixed URL that points to the badge's image-file that we host on the Expertscape web site. Every month we generate a new badge with the current month on it, keeping the same URL. So all you do is put the URL in your web pages once, and forget about it.

(If your expert falls out of expert status, we send you an email notification.)

Program #5: Your Tradition of Excellence

Increase the heft of your experts by including badges from past eras. Expertscape's technology can look backwards in time, so you can highlight experts who are perpetual grandmasters of their fields.

For example, you might show four World Expert badges for one of your experts: a badge from 2018, one for 2017, one for 2016, and one for 2015. It's akin to the multiple years of championship banners that successful college basketball programs hang in their gymnasium -- and just as powerful a statement that your institution is dedicated to greatness.

Welcome to our Cardiology Division
Our clinicians and scientists are perennially world class.   Like Dr. Casey Gamma.