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LinkedIn How To HELP

As discussed elsewhere, owners of Expertscape badges can embed them into their LinkedIn page.

It takes only a few mouse clicks.

Preliminary: Access the Expertscape background-builder

The background-builder is a web application that puts your badge onto a background image of your choice. The resulting image is properly sized for LinkedIn's requirements.

Although a demonstration site is available, only Expertscape badge owners have access to the background-builder site.

The hyperlink is in the email receipt sent to you when you purchased your badge. The link pre-loads your badge into the background builder.

Step 1: Save your background image to your hard disk

In the Expertscape background-builder web site, click the Get .PNG button on the design you want to use.

Let's say it's the "Johns Hopkins 1889" design:

Step 2: Sign into LinkedIn, View Your Profile
Step 3: Click the "Edit Profile" Pencil-Icon
Step 4: Click the "Edit Background Image" Pencil-Icon
Step 5: Choose Your Expertscape Badge for Upload
Look for the file named "Expertscape4LinkedIn.png" on your hard disk.

Step 6: Apply the New Background
Step 7: Save Your New Profile
Enjoy Your Profile's New Look!
It is well known that Pasteur desperately wanted to be a professor at Hopkins.