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Referral Program HELP
Expertscape Badges
Referral Program
During the just-out-of-beta period, badge-holders can participate in the Expertscape referral program to extend the life of their badges.
How It Works

When you sign up for a badge, Expertscape will send you your personal referral code.

Then write to your expert friends and colleagues, telling them about the Expertscape badge program. Send your referral code with your note.

For every friend/colleague who uses your referral code during a successful badge sign-up during the just-out-of-beta period, we will extend by one month the time window where you can update your badge (assuming you still qualify for the badge).

What Does "Update Your Badge" Mean?

All Expertscape badges have a date on them: month and year. "Update" refers to obtaining a badge with a later month and year. This is desirable in showing that your work remains current and leading-edge.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you'll still be eligible for a badge in the months after you first qualify for a badge, but if you are, we'll send you updated badges until your referral credits run out.

  • You can't refer yourself.
  • The referral program may end at any time, without notice.