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As the licensee of an Expertscape Badge, you are encouraged to use the badge in conjunction with your professional and promotional activities. The usage license extends indefinitely for the specific badge licensed as long as you don't violate the terms and conditions below. And, while Expertscape reserves the right to change and update these terms and conditions at any time, the core principle to keep in mind is this: Use common sense.

Do's and Don'ts

Here, then, are the Do's and Don'ts regarding your Expertscape Expert Badge:

  • Do use it on your website, your professional resume, or with any profile.
  • Don't alter the badge in any way, e.g. don't change the colors, edit the date, change the expert category, or otherwise tamper with the image.
  • Do contact Expertscape if a correction or edit to the badge needs to be made (e.g. name spelling, title, etc.), or if you need a different file type.
  • Don't misrepresent level or area of expertise.
  • Do use a simple or solid background when displaying the badge, and allow clear space around the badge.
  • Do make sure the badge is legible and large enough to read easily.
  • Don't use any filters or other effects in conjunction with the badge.
  • Do link the badge to your Expertscape Expert Page.
  • Do contact us if you are considering any specific advertising or other promotional uses other than your personal or institutional web sites. We'll likely approve it, but we'd appreciate the heads-up.
  • Don't represent the organization or department as an Expertscape expert institution simply because one or more individuals are recognized as Expertscape Experts.

Accurate Usage

When it comes to representing the Expertscape standing of an individual or an institution, we ask that you use the same standards of accuracy and precision that you would employ in your work.

For example:

You can say...   You shouldn't say...
I'm a highly-ranked expert on Expertscape Expertscape ranks me as the best doctor in ...
~ ~
I've been recognized by Expertscape as an expert in... According to Expertscape, I'm a top doctor in...
My institution is ranked by Expertscape as among the top in... Expertscape ranks us as the best in caring for ... 

Basically, it is the expertise of the individual or institution that is being quantified and recognized. We haven't yet figured out how to quantify your skills, surgical technique, bedside manner, outcomes, or winning personality, so until then we ask that you keep it specific to our ranking criteria. And we ask that you apply these same rules and restrictions apply to all outlets, including broadcast media use.

You are licensed to use the applicable Expertscape Badge file as long as a link to the applicable Expertscape Expert page is maintained.

If the Expertscape Badge, Expertscape, or the Expertscape logo are used in a TV commercial or public advertising (e.g. billboard, poster), prior review and approval is required. And for large print advertising, you will likely need special file sizes or other content that Expertscape can provide.


Please use your Expertscape Badge extensively and responsibly. You've earned it, and we congratulate you on your demonstrable leadership in the field.