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Using Your Badge HELP
The Expertscape Expert Badge -- Suggestions for Use

The Terms and Conditions govern the use of Expertscape badges. The items below are suggestions.

  • Include it on your personal or practice website.
  • Include it on your institutional and/or departmental website.
  • Include it on your LinkedIn profile as your main graphic. (We have a free tool that makes it easy.)

    Many institution-specific graphical backgrounds are available. Here is one for Stanford University:  

  • If you appear in a video, put your badge in the corner of the screen for a few seconds as you are introduced.
  • Link your badge to your Expertscape Expert page.
  • Add language referencing your recognition by Expertscape (e.g. "... has been recognized by Expertscape as an expert in the field of...")
  • Include the recognition and link in applicable Wikipedia entries, professional directories, or other industry-specific publications.
  • Use the appropriate badge file in print ads, posters and other broadcast media (pending Expertscape approval as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.)