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What It Is and Is Not HELP

What is Expertscape, and what is it not?

Expertscape helps you find the most knowledgeable physicians and health professionals in the world (or in your region). Does this mean Expertscape finds you the world's best doctor? Of course not.

A great doctor has many important qualities beyond expert knowledge of your very specific medical condition. These include: judgment, compassion, sense of humor, effective communication, ethical behavior, and obviously, acceptance of your insurance coverage. Just as obviously, Expertscape doesn't and can't evaluate or rank these important qualities. We simply help you find those that have proven a high level of knowledge in the topic or condition that interests you. That's a good start, but ultimately what makes a great doctor is a very personal set of criteria. Yours.

It stands to reason, therefore, that Expertscape cannot guarantee that its highest-ranking experts in your area of medical interest will necessarily be great doctors. (They may not even be medical doctors, but more on that later.)

But, it should be equally apparent that a great doctor must have superior knowledge, and that's where we believe Expertscape excels. Individuals may prefer a male or female doctor, or a young or old doctor, or a bubbly or reserved doctor, but everybody wants a knowledgeable, informed, and experienced doctor. Because, quite literally, what your doctor doesn't know can kill you.

This is why Expertscape can be so valuable a tool. You don't need Expertscape to find a physician who will cure your sniffles (unless your "sniffles" are actually cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea or Hansen disease). But, if you have a serious problem, or need an expert second opinion, or aren't satisfied with your existing physician, then Expertscape can point you to the people who have the most knowledge about your specific problem. Which is a good thing.

Expertscape has a number of strengths -- it's free, relatively easy and intuitive to use (we're working on that!), quick, current, incredibly detailed, worldwide in coverage, completely objective, and relies on the hallmark of the scientific process: peer review.

But, like any tool, it's not perfect, and it has limitations. Here are a few of the many we discuss elsewhere:

  • Not every expert is a medical doctor;
  • Expertise tends to concentrate in big cities and thus may be unavailable in your immediate area;
  • Expertscape ranks specialists, not generalists;
  • We identify and rank experts on published scientific articles, and not on results or ethics or bedside manner;
  • We can't identify the many fine specialists who don't publish scientific articles.

We hope this explanation helps provide you an informed perspective, because we want you to know how we can help you find really smart, experienced doctors when you need them. What makes them great is up to you.