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Press and Background Information
Expertscape is a healthcare information website that enables a healthcare consumer to quickly and easily find the medical professionals and institutions having the greatest knowledge about a particular medical problem. Expertscape's patented analysis of peer-reviewed publications identifies and ranks the most knowledgeable and experienced clinicians and researchers in more than 29,000 specific topics. The results are organized by geography, to further help the consumer identify the most suitable experts.
One Sentence Description
Expertscape helps the healthcare consumer quickly and easily find the most knowledgeable, experienced medical experts and institutions for their very specific health problem.
Key Points

Expertscape is current, focused, and, most importantly, based on hard, objective data. Unlike other rating organizations that conduct "beauty pageant" surveys of doctors, or tally equipment and budget, Expertscape builds on data from the scientific peer-review process to determine expertise and experience.

Expertscape has been heavily reviewed and scrutinized by physicians and experts, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our methodology and algorithms have been consistently considered as unbiased and valid.

The most knowledgeable people can be anywhere, not just the most famous, name-brand hospitals. For example, the greatest levels of expertise in psoriasis and in glaucoma are not at the Mayo Clinic or at Johns Hopkins, but at Wake Forest University and the University of California San Diego, respectively.

Expertscape isn’t needed (or practical) when seeking a general pediatrician or a hospital for an uncomplicated hernia repair. Rather, it excels when the medical condition is complex, severe, stubborn, or time-sensitive.

Experts are defined as those that conduct research and publish. Of course we recognize that many oustanding physicians do not publish. Nonetheless, the latest knowledge and the deepest knowledge (especially where complex and serious conditions are concerned) tend to be concentrated in individuals who investigate and write.

Not everyone listed in Expertscape is a physician that sees patients. Sometimes, bench scientists are the thought and research leaders. (Alzheimer research exemplifies this.) In those instances, the corresponding institutions are typically strong in treatment or can direct consumers to highly qualified clinicians.

Expertscape helps physicians find scientific or clinical collaborators.

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Expertscape in Use by Doctors and Institutions
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Branding Guidelines

The Expertscape logo is available for download as a transparent .png file or as an .eps (encapsulated postscript) file.

Publications should capitalize Expertscape, rather than using "expertscape" or "Expertscape.com." Also, please include the URL:   http://www.expertscape.com/

Contact Brendan McAdams at 201-317-4838 or brendan@expertscape.com.