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Recognition Program: For Individuals HELP

Expertscape enables individuals and institutions to communicate their accomplishments through several wide-reaching channels, available in three plans.

If anything on this information-packed page is unclear, just give Brendan a -- he'll happily talk you through it.

Plan 1:
Badge Purchase
Plan 2:
Badge Subscription
Plan 3:

Other designs available, too.

Other designs available, too.

See below for extra options, including "time machine" and multi-topics. We also offer institutional recognitions.


Plan 1: Badge Purchase

Each badge recognizes a single expert, for a single topic, for a single month.

Your Badge Purchase includes:

  • The badge itself, in .PNG format.
    • Includes three sizes of badges: widths of 180, 240, and 300 pixels.
  • LinkedIn recognitions
    • An Expertscape Expert/World Expert mini-seal for your LinkedIn profile.
    • Expertscape header-canvas for your profile page, customized yourself with our free tool. Example:
  • Wikipedia recognitions
    • For your personal and/or institutional Wikipedia pages, individualized Wikipedia code that you can simply drop in.
  • How to buy
    • Navigate to your personal topic page and click on the badge icon on the right side.
    • Buy online with credit card. Introductory price: $49. (Won't last long!)
    • Immediate delivery of badges.

Extra options available:


Plan 2: Badge Subscription

Your Badge Subscription includes:

  • All the basic Badge Purchase elements, above.
  • For the duration of your subscription:
    • A new badge every month -- assuming you qualify.
    • An unchanging Expertscape URL where the latest version of your badge is hosted.
    • The latest version of your badge displayed on your Expertscape author page.
  • How to buy:
    • One-year subscription: $129.
    • to purchase.


Plan 3: Plaques

Purchase of a Plaque includes:

  • All the Badge Purchase elements, above.
  • A handsome elegant plaque, with several designs from which to choose.
  • How to buy:
    • $129. Includes shipping to USA.
    • Call Brendan for design

Extra option available:


Extra Option -- Time Machine for Past Years
  • Expertscape badges and plaques for years back to 1976.
  • We apply the same criteria to past years as we apply to current years (as far as past PubMed-indexing permits).
  • How to buy: Please ring


Extra Option -- Multi-Topics
  • When qualified for multiple Expert or World Expert badges, topics can be combined into single badges or tiles.
  • How to buy: Please ring